Antigua and Barbuda Health Service Listings


Health Resource Profiles: Specialists in Country

Specialist Types: Service Name: Service Address: Service Type: Contact Person: Title: Telephone: Email:
General surgeon, plastic surgeon Dr. Leslie Walwyn Stapleton Lane, St. John's Private group practice/clinic Leslie Walwyn {Registration Number= 7133 Exp. Date: 31-Dec-2015} Dr. 268-462-1309
General Surgeon Dr. P K Charles Woods Center Private physician practice (solo)/clinic Peter kelvin Charles {Registration Number=7128. Exp.10-Jan-2016} Dr. 268-462-4973
Obstetrician and gynecologist Estillo Salud Radio Range Private physician practice (solo)/clinic Wanda C. John Dr. 268-560-1778
Pediatrician Gambles Medical Center - Dr. Edda Hadeed Friars Hill Road PO Box 665 Private physician practice (solo)/clinic Edda Hadeed {Registration Number: 7200 Exp. Date: 15-Feb-16} Dr. 268-462-9499
Internist, Nephrologist Ian Thomas Medical Services 37 Long Street Private physician practice (solo)/clinic Ian Thomas {Registration Number: 7145 Exp. Date: 07-Jan-16} Dr. 268-462-0885
Obstetrician and Gynecologist Mansoor Medical Tanner Street and Corn Alley Private physician practice (solo)/clinic Raymond Mansoor {Registration Number: 7068 Exp. Date: 17-Jan-16} Dr. 268-463-2233
Internist, infectious disease specialist, anesthetist, neurosurgeon, craniofacial/plastic surgeon, p Medical Surgical Associates - Dr. Joseph John Woods Centre Friars Gill Road Box W1228 Private group practice/clinic Joseph John {Registration Number: 7191 Exp. Date: 04-Mar-16} Dr. 268-481-5200
Dermatologist Medical Surgical Associates - Dr. Maria Cecilia Pereria Woods Centre Friars Hill Road Private group practice/clinic Maria Cecilia Pereria {Registration Number: 7198 Exp. Date: 31-Mar-16} Dr. 268-481-5210
NSA Medical Centre Paynters Hospital Patrick Mathews Dr. 268-462-0631
Internist Office of Dr. Jason Belizaire Woods Centre Friars Hill Road Private physician practice (solo)/clinic Jason Belizaire {Registration Number=7195. Exp. 30-Apr-2016} Dr. 268-562-1160
Pediatrician Office of Dr. Linda Lovell Roberts Cross Street Private physician practice (solo)/clinic Linda Lovell Roberts Dr. 268-462-3710
Sports Medicine Office of Dr. Philmore Benjamin Corner of Vivian Richards Street and All Saints Road Box 1492 Private physician practice (solo)/clinic Philmore Benjamin {Registration Number=7060. Exp. 11-Feb-2016} Dr. 268-462-3630
Sports Medicine Office of Dr. Rodney Williams Long Street Private physician practice (solo)/clinic Rodney E. L. Williams {Registration Number: 7115 Exp. Date: 16-Feb-16} Dr. 268-462-2156
Family physician Office of Dr. Sir Prince Ramsey Ramco Building Independence Drive Private physician practice (solo)/clinic Sir Prince Ramsey {Registration Number: 7139 Exp. Date: 04-Mar-16} Dr. 268-462-0522
Orthopedist, physical therapist Ortho Medical Associates - Dr. K.K. Singh Woods Centre Friars Hill Road Private group practice/clinic K.K. Singh {Registration Number: 7143 Exp. Date: 21-Dec-15} Dr. 268-462-1932
Ear Nose and Throat Specialist, Obstetrician and Gynecologist Rovier Medical Services - Dr. George Roberts Ramco Building Independence Avenue Box 1803 Private group practice/clinic George Roberts {Registration Number: 7136 Exp. Date: 10-Feb-16} Dr. 268-462-2770
Obstetrician and Gynecologist The Women's Clinic Deanery Place Private group practice/clinic Dane Abbott {Registration Number=7125. Exp. 17-Dec-2015} Dr. 268-462-4133
Ophthalmologist Vision Express Upper Nevis Street St. John's Antigua Private physician practice (solo)/clinic Alvin Edwards {Registration Number=7052. Exp. 22-Jan-2016} Dr. 268-462-2748
Internist, Obstetrician and Gynecologist Winter Medical Center - Dr. Raphael Evenson Fort Road Box W1043 Private group practice/clinic Raphael Evenson {Registration Number: 7144 Exp. Date: 30-Jan-16} Dr. 268-562-1977
Internist, radiologist Woods Urgent Care Woods Centre Friars Hill Road Other Jason Belizaire {Registration Number=7195. Exp. 30-Apr-2016} Dr. 268-562-1168