Antigua and Barbuda Health Service Listings

Service Address Status
Antigua and Barbuda Association for Senior Citizens Emms Drive, St. John's Antigua Closed
Antigua Planned Parenthood Association Bishop Gates Street Closed
Bel Lab Services Woods Centre Closed
Belmont Clinic All Saints Road, Belmont Closed
Better Days Nursing Home Sutherlands Open
Biohealth Medical Laboratory Lower Nevis Street Closed
Brite Dental Clinic Nevis Street, Box 450 Closed
CeCo Pharmacy High Street Closed
Charmay Residential Care Services Golden Grove Open
Dental Care Clinic Stapleton Lane Closed
Dental Medical Clinic Lower New Street, Box 1779 Closed
Dr. Cecil Phillip's Office Cross and Tanner Streets Closed
Dr. Leslie Walwyn Stapleton Lane, St. John's Closed
Dr. Morcos & Associates Jasmine Court 23 Friars Hill Road Closed
Dr. Moulon Corner of Cross & New Streets Closed
Dr. Nagabis Sanchez Gamble's Terrance, Behind Princess Margaret School Closed
Dr. P K Charles Woods Center Closed
Dr. Raj Dental Clinic Bishop's Lodge Building, Cross Street Closed
Dr. Sengupta and Associates Woods Center, Friars Hill Road, Closed
Dr. Wassouf Family Dentistry Dollar Building, Nevis Street, Box 667 Closed
Epicurean Pharmacy Friars Hill Road, Epicurean Drive Closed
Estillo Salud Radio Range Closed
Eye Mobile Dr. Rosalee Drive, Lower Gambles Closed
Gambles Medical Center - Dr. Bernard Evan-Wong Friars Hill Road, Box 2549 Closed
Gambles Medical Center - Dr. Edda Hadeed Friars Hill Road, PO Box 665 Closed
Gem Medical #3 TownHouse Plaza, American & All Saints Road Closed
Ghanem Svetlana Dental Clinic Redcliffe Street, Box 2327 Closed
Hadeed Dental Clinic Gamble - Ron Henry Street Closed
Health Care Gambles Medical Centre, Friars Hill Road Closed
Health, Hope, and HIV Network Ramco Building Closed
Heavenly Care Nursing - Elderly care Low Gambles Terrace and Luther George Place Open
Ian Thomas Medical Services 37 Long Street, Closed
Island Smiles Dentistry Deanery Lane, Box 943 Closed
J & G Special Care and Hope's Elderly Home All Saints Road Open
Jammula's Dentistry Market Street, PO Box W985 Closed
Leon Medical Centre Cross Street Closed
Love & Care Home Mahico Drive, Cassada Gardens #2 Open
Mansoor Medical Tanner Street and Corn Alley Closed
Mavis Cabral Medical Centre All Saints Closed
Medical Laboratory Services Upper Church Street Closed
Medical Surgical Associates - Dr. Joseph John Woods Centre, Friars Gill Road, Box W1228 Closed
Medical Surgical Associates - Dr. Maria Cecilia Pereria Woods Centre, Friars Hill Road Closed
Medicare Pharmacy Lower Nevis Street Closed
Medpath Clinical Lab 59 St. Mary's Street Closed
NSA Medical Centre Paynters Closed
Office of Dr. Delrose Christian Corner of Market and Tanner Streets Closed
Office of Dr. Guillermo Miguel 2nd Avenue, Gambles Terrace Closed
Office of Dr. Jason Belizaire Woods Centre, Friars Hill Road, Closed
Office of Dr. Linda Lovell Roberts Cross Street Closed
Office of Dr. Marlene Joseph Charlesworth Ross Street Closed
Office of Dr. Nicholas Fuller 28 Long Street Closed
Office of Dr. Philmore Benjamin Corner of Vivian Richards Street and All Saints Road, Box 1492 Closed
Office of Dr. Raymond Daoud St. John's Street, Tim O'Riley Building Closed
Office of Dr. Rodney Williams Long Street Closed
Office of Dr. Sir Prince Ramsey Ramco Building, Independence Drive Closed
Ortho Medical Associates - Dr. K.K. Singh Woods Centre, Friars Hill Road Closed
People's Pharmacy Market Complex #13 Closed
Piper's Pharmacy Lower All Saints Road, Closed
Population Services International (PSI) Bishop Gate Street Open
Ramco Pharmacy Ltd. Independence Drive, PO Box 1442 Closed
Reliance Pharmacy Nevis and Temple Streets Closed
Rovier Medical Services - Dr. George Roberts Ramco Building, Independence Avenue, Box 1803 Closed
Six Dental Services #1 Royal Palm Place, Friars Hill Road, P.O Box W43 Closed
St. John's Pharmacy St. Mary's & Thames Streets Closed
Stapelton Lane Medical Clinic Stapelton Lane Open
Sysco Pharmacy Jolly Harbour Closed
Tabitha Seventh Day Adventists Senior Citizen Nursing Home Upper Gambles, Behind Christ the King School Open
The Little Pharmacy Upper Nevis Street Open
The Women's Clinic Deanery Place Closed
Valmon's Care Giving Home Buckleys Open
Vision Express Upper Nevis Street, St. John's, Antigua Closed
Williams and Associates Dental Ltd. Dickenson Bay Street & Deanery Place Closed
Winter Medical Center - Dr. Andre Winter Fort Road Closed
Winter Medical Center - Dr. Raphael Evenson Fort Road, Box W1043 Closed
Women Against Rape Redcliffe Quey Closed
Woodlands Nursing Home Michael's Oval Open
Woods Pharmacy Woods Centre, Friar Hills Road, Box W175 Closed
Woods Urgent Care Woods Centre, Friars Hill Road Closed
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